They were very helpful and understanding of what we wanted. They gave us multiple options on how to complete the work we were looking to have done. Very professional and knowledgeable in their area of work. Couldn't be more pleased with the product for the price it cost. What would have taken us 2 to 3 years to complete on our own, HLD took care of in a few days.

Cody Datesman

This company did work for us on our land. We were very happy. They made sure we were happy and fully satisfied before they left. The owner even called us and followed up.

Melissa R.

Did a great and quick job at clearing trees and brush on my property. Well worth the money.

Joey McFall

Cody has been very helpful throughout our land development process. They have taken the time to help us build a picture plan and have met us where we're at. Highly recommend.

Billy Rhyne

Very efficient, knowledgeable, and fairly priced. They took the time to understand exactly what we wanted and delivered on a timely schedule. Could not be more pleased and highly recommend these guys.

Cody V

Punctual, quality, responsive, value

Dalen Phillips

Exceptional design and attention to detail on hld projects!

Raegan Markey

I needed to clear new fenceline and existing powerline and fenceline. We did the standard thing about figuring how to get the shredder on the tractor in, hack with a chainsaw, etc.

Mark Willcott